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Happy. Healthy. Whole. 


A powerful online course educating and empowering YOU as the author of your own health.

You are not a problem to be solved.

From the sisters of VIBRANT LIFE STUDIO.

Dear Friends,

We created this program with love to help women like YOU.


Transform your life from the inside out, never say diet again, and trust that you are internally equipped with everything you need to live Happy Healthy and Whole. You are already enough. We will share our expertise and knowledge, teaching you how to come back into tune with yourself and build confidence in your ability to be your own expert.


In this course you will learn how to develop a mindset of love, create habits that align with your values, practice body kindness, honor your inner wisdom by eating and exercising intuitively and so much more.


We hope you will join us, and other women just like you, on this amazing journey. You deserve to feel amazing. Happy. Healthy. Whole! 

What starts with LOVE ends with LOVE.

Beginning with a mindset of LOVE, this program is organized in 8 chapters that build upon each other to help you implement new skills in an effective and lasting way. 


Chapter 1- Mindset of Love

Chapter 2- Health based on YOUR values

Chapter 3- Body Kindness

Chapter 4- Food Freedom

Chapter 5- Joy in Movement

Chapter 6- Radical Self Acceptance

Chapter 7- Cultivating Happiness

Chapter 8- Resilience and Moving Forward

Resources to help you thrive.

  • A beautiful workbook that goes hand in hand with the program.

  • Put what you are learning into practice! Each chapter has meditations and exercises appropriate to the content. Try new thoughts and habits on and apply what works for you.

  • Exclusive membership portal with all your lessons and resources organized and easy to digest. 

  • Access to us at any time through email. We are here to help you succeed and we respond quickly.

Take the time you need.

Health is individual, and so is learning.


This program is self-paced so you can take all the time you need before moving on to each chapter. We want to allow you the time to do the work in your mind and in your heart without fear of 'falling behind.' 


Your membership will remain active even after completing the course. Allowing you to start back at the beginning or revisit chapters as needed to help support real change in your life. 

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